Fibre Optic Products

Compressor MonitoringCompressor  Monitoring

We use cutting-edge technology for continuous monitoring of compressors to identify adverse flow conditions and lost performance due to compressor instability. Our reliable and highly sensitive sensors, which use state-of-the-art fibre optic technology, can measure even temperature fluctuations even to a fraction of a millisecond. Thus, instability can be identified at the earliest for increased efficiencies and lower emissions.

Measuring Tension in Fasteners

We use the latest fibre optic technology to measure tension in fasteners. With this, even the most remote and difficult-to-access fasteners can be monitored with ease.

Pipeline Monitoring

While pipelines are considered as the most efficient and safest way of transporting petroleum products across countries, they are at significant risk of damage due to corrosion, adverse environmental conditions (like lightning, ground movement and ground water), adjacent construction activities and vandalism. A leakage in the pipeline can have severe consequences, resulting in huge clean-up costs.

We offer state-of-the-art fibre optic technology to assess the integrity of pipelines. Our solutions can be customized to different installation configurations and used for measuring strain, pressure, temperature, fluid levels and flow rate. Our sensors can be used at pumping stations, junctions, distribution terminals as well as at different locations at refineries. Continuous monitoring and timely alerts can save huge costs and protect the environment from the damage caused by a pipeline leakage.

Monitoring of BridgesMonitoring of Bridges

Our cutting-edge fibre optic technology can monitor the structural integrity of bridges. The installed sensors continuously monitor changes and send alarms for the early detection of any kind of deterioration in the structure of a bridge. This is critical to maximise safety and reduce bridge repair costs.