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Natural Resources

India is not only the world’s seventh largest country, it is blessed with both richness and diversity. The country is endowed with fertile soil, forests and minerals.

Agricultural Products

The alluvial soil of the North is perfect for growing wheat, rice, maize, jute, sugarcane, rapeseed, mustard, linseed and more, while the black soil of the West is excellent for growing cotton. The earliest trade evolved thanks to the spices from the South, including cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, turmeric, cassia and ginger. And, the tea and coffee plantations of the East need no introduction.


Although India ranks third as an exporter of cashew nuts, the resources of dried fruits and nuts is not limited to this. The country provides high quality almonds, walnuts, dates, raisins and figs.


Iron, coal, manganese, copper, bauxite, chromite, lime­stone, gypsum and mica are only some of the minerals that India is rich in.

Machines and Equipment

Backed by a relatively stable economic and political environment, India has made tremendous progress over the past couple of decades. The country has come to be known for its technological prowess and strength in the manufacturing sector.

If you have the requirement for any machine, equipment or even parts, odds are that you would find a high-quality, cost-effective solution in India.